Weekend Intensives

Registration is now open!

Four Weekend Intensives (WI) are a part of your DPT experience. But, if you want to try out a Weekend Intensive, feel free to sign up (link below) for as many of them as you would like to try. You will learn about Treatment Based Classification Systems, mobilization, manipulation and clinically relevant diagnostic imaging. Not only will you learn how to effectively manage back pain, upper extremity injuries, neck pain and lower extremity injuries, you will receive a credit that you can apply up to two of these WI’s toward the DPT if you sign up in the next 16 months.

For all information on the course descriptions of the Cervical-Thoracic WI: http://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/management-of-cervical-thoracic-disorders/

Register for WI’s follow the links below each course heading.

The four WI’s are:

  • Lumbo-Pelvic Management
  • Upper Extremity Management
  • Cervical-Thoracic Management
  • Lower Extremity Management

The dates for all of the WI’s are:

Cervical Thoracic Management 2017
Toronto Jan 28-29th
Western Canada- March 4-5th

To register: http://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/management-cervical-thoracic-disorders-canada/

Upper Extremity Management 2017
Toronto April 29-30th
Western Canada April 1-2nd

To register: http://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/management-upper-extremity-disorders-canada/

Lumbar sacral Management 2017
Toronto Aug 19-20th
Western Canada Aug 26-27th

To register: http://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/management-lumbopelvic-disorders-canada/

Lower Extremity Management 2017
Toronto Oct 14-15th (changed from Oct 21-22)
Western Canada Oct 28-29th

To register: http://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/management-lower-extremity-disorders-canada/